Could you spare 5 minutes today?

Could you give God 5 minutes to hear His heart to revive His Church?

Can you spare 5 minutes to pray together with your brothers and sisters in Christ?

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STARTED on May 2, 2020...

. What if hundreds, if not thousands, of Christian intercessors gathered in their own homes and churches and groups each week in prayer together for the things on God's heart?

That's the 
VISION behind Firestarters 5, a prayer tool that gathers fresh and insightful prayer requests each week for the church and combines it with Scripture and stories of revival.

Join with others around the city to pray for the most crucial needs of our neighborhoods. Join us in prayer this week. 

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-- April 10th - Apr 16th, 2022 --

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Design of the Prayer Tool



Our prayer requests come from a diverse team of respected pastors, Christian businessmen and professionals, ministries, and missionaries. Each week we provide insightful requests from leaders who have experience and knowledge in their focus areas.



Designed to take only 5 minutes to read, the guide is easily incorporated into any size, any length, and any style of prayer meeting or worship service. How long you pray for the city is up to you and the Holy Spirit.



Each week, this tool includes a theme verse from the Bible, a powerful story of historical revival, and followup on how God has answered our prayers so far. Find fresh inspiration and courage as the church prays together with one heart.

God does nothing except in answer to prayer.

John Wesley

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