Charlotte Prayer Revival:
Korean Intercessors 2023

One hundred days of prayer across our city and region.
Starting on January 25th and culminating on May 4th, the National Day of Prayer.

Partnering with a visiting Korean team of intercessors to pray for revival:
for our city and the nation.

The Difference

In 1973, Billy Graham held his largest crusade ever in Seoul, Korea, preaching to an estimated 3.2 million people over 5 days, propelling South Korea into an era of explosive evangelical growth and revival. It was considered a key milestone in the history of the Korean church. The church there would develop into a missionary-sending body and gain a reputation for fervent and persistent prayer.

Forty-nine years later, almost to the day, the World School of Prayer in Korea sent 200 intercessors to the United States to serve the Church here and to pray alongside with her for another great awakening.

The visit, which took place in early June 2022 during Pentecost week, made a significant difference.
• It ignited renewed hunger for God among many individuals from various churches citywide.
• It inspired congregations to recommit and rededicate themselves to persistent prayer.
• It gave new courage to the Church to seek spiritual transformation in our nation, especially as we saw God answer in mighty ways.

In 2023, churches are South Korea are raising up by faith 400 intercessors. The plan is now to send 40+ teams of 10 intercessors each to receptive cities across the United States. The timeframe is for early May, during the week of America's National Day of Prayer.

There is one key difference this year.

Last year, the Korean intercessors made great sacrifices to come here. Moreover, month before the visit, hundreds - if not thousands - of local Christians in South Korean prayed intensely for this trip, for revival in our country.

What was missing was a matching intensity in the American cities. As Korea prayed for our nation, how many believers in our U.S. cities were laboring to cry out to Heaven for an outpouring?

This year, in 2023, things need to be different.

The difference is a grass-roots movement to prepare our hearts for a great move of the Lord. We are inviting whomever will listen to join the Body of Christ locally to pray for 100 days leading up to a
Region-wide Call to Prayer during the National Day of Prayer on May 4th.

• Day 1 will be Wednesday, January 25th, 2023.
• Day 100 culminates on Thursday, May 4th, 2023. The National Day of Prayer.

There will weekly guides to help people focus on Scripture and various prayer points. A few special events will be planned in the city, and we will encourage fasting at key junctures on this journey.

It is going to be a John the Baptist season, as we make ready to prepare the way for the Lord.

But the bottom line is: the Church needs to start praying!

Will you join us in prayer?

Weekly Guides & Special Events

We will be announcing special events during the period, but the most important thing is that Christians start to pray.


• You can
DOWNLOAD HERE a Full-color Full-page Flyer to invite others to join.

• You can also
DOWNLOAD a simple Half-Sheet Black & white invitation to pray (2/page).


Below are Weekly Guides for use during the 100 days.
New ones released on Wednesdays)

These tools will give you a focus for each week to get you started in your journey with God.

Share What God is Doing

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A 4 Minute Introduction to Prayer with the Korean team

90 minute Special on 5/29/22, Billy Graham center live-streamed


If you are excited about what God is doing for our city and our nation, then first of all, begin to pray into it.
Then, share about it to your friends at church, in your neighborhood, and on social media.

Let the word get out that whole church - the one Church - is getting together to seek revival once again!

Finally, plan to go - and maybe bring a friend - to the various events of this Pentecost week. Plan to pray and encounter God with the church in Charlotte!


Full page Photo Flyer

Full page Sketch Flyer

1/3 page Text-Only Flyer


Reach out to Resurrection Church (the official host church of the Korean team in Charlotte) at 704-377-6575. You can also send questions to Walton Yuen at [email protected] or call 512-554-7979.

The Backstory

Korean Prayer Teams in America?

The World School of Prayer in South Korea has partners from over 100 countries around the world. The heart of its Prayer Revival endeavor in 2022 was to send out 200 Korean intercessors to the USA, with each of the 20 teams of 10 people going to one of 20 cities here.

Why did they do this?

Many Christians in South Korea have looked to America as a spiritual mother that has blessed them time and again over the years in so many ways. Now, as they have seen a growing darkness and lethargy taking hold in the American church, they've longed to give back and somehow bless our nation.

They know that prayer is one of the best gifts they can give and serve the American church with. And so that is the impetus for the Prayer Teams being sent here during Pentecost week.

20+ Cities Across the USA

The cities were chosen for a number of reasons. One reason was that there were churches or ministries with a burning heart for revival. Another reason might be that the city is significant for our nation, like Washington D. C. for example. But another considered reason is that the city or state had a history of revival wells flowing freely in its past.

For example, Los Angeles had the Asuza Street Revival in the early 1900's. Chicago had the powerful work of D. L. Moody. And the Carolinas - both North and South - also have seen mighty outpourings of the Holy Spirit. In fact, during the 2nd Great Awakening in America, even though it ignited in Kentucky, it's been said that no other region had more revivals bursting forth than in the Carolinas.

Please pray for what God will do. Here is a map of the cities.

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1. Asheboro, NC - Boyd Byerly (Sunset Avenue Church/Pastor's Network)
Azusa Street Prayer Center - Sean O'Neal (CA Church of God)
Banghor, ME - Jason Bailey (Glad Tidings) 
Cartersville, GA - David Franklin and James Black (Bartow Baptist Association)
Charlotte, NC - Billy Miller (Resurrection Lutheran)
Charleston , SC - Stafford Floyd (International COG)
Chicago, IL - Arnie Klemm (City Initiative - Location to be decided)
Cleveland, TN - Dr. Tim Hill (Church of God Hdqrts/Other Locations)
Dallas, TX  - Lewis Hogan (Pray Dallas)
Delbarton, WV - Mitch Bias (Regional Church - Area Churches)
Detroit, MI - Fred and Melody Nichols (Harvest Intl. - Muslim Ministry)
Greenville/Pelzer, SC  Ray Boggs - (IPHC Upper SC District)
Hickory/Newton, NC - Mark Ivey (Christ Alive Fellowship)
Houlton, ME - Randall Burns (Military Street Baptist - Church on the Hill
Lexington, KY - Mitchell Tolle/Steve Pearson (Man 'o War & Church of the Savior)
Miami, FL  - David Vega (Mission Miami)
Newport News, VA - Russell Evenson (World Outreach Center)
Phoenix, AZ -  Saeed Housini, Tommy Barnett (1st Assembly Prayer Pavilion)
Tulsa, OK -Dr. Billy Wilson (Oral Roberts University Prayer Tower) 
Washington, DC - Mark Pritchett and Pat Chen (American Christian Trust Foundation/Across from the Israeli Embassy)
Washington State (Bellingham) - Jason Hubbard (International Prayer Council)

Day By Day Photojournal

Coming Soon,


These I will bring to my holy mountain and give them joy in My house of prayer. Their burnt offerings and sacrifices will be accepted on My altar; for My house will be called a house of prayer for all nations.

Isaiah 56:7

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