Revival Stories

The 2006 Shillong Revival

It was in 1905 that a revival ignited in Khasi, India, to eventually sweep across the region and engulf it with God’s supernatural presence and power. It would leave a long-lasting legacy in the area. One hundred years later, God would visit yet another remarkable revival in the same locale. This is their story.

This awakening took place in the Indian state of Meghalaya, near the town of Shillong. Early in the year 2003, it was commonly agreed that spiritual malaise and lukewarmness had settled upon the Church. It was in rapid decline spiritually, and the lives of the average Christian testified to this sad truth. But that year, the Christian leaders in the area committed themselves to diligent prayer as never before. All agreed to open up the doors of every single church each day for prayers in the morning. Following a time of earnest worship, the churches would gather to pray for revival fire to fall upon them once again.

Far from being a legalistic or mere religious endeavor, believers across the region seriously took up the charge to pray. Over the next few years, the prayers of the saints intensified for yet another great awakening. At one point, a prayer chain was established in which each day every day at least one church was praying for revival to come again. Prayers for revival were burning brightly and increasing with each passing day.

It was during the centennial Khasi Revival celebration in April 2006 that the revival fires fell again. On April 22, 2006, near the town of Shillong, several thousand people in the worship service, full of faith and great anticipation, were strongly impacted as God’s Spirit began to move swiftly. Clearly, the presence of God filled the building. At least 300 worshippers fell to the ground as the flood of the Holy Spirit swept over them. Many thousands more would soon join them that week, and this outbreak of the Spirit would surface in hundreds if not thousands of churches in the area. The people were intent on dwelling in God’s presence as much as they could.

God’s Spirit began manifesting in the Christian schools and in public schools during the weeks that followed. Dozens of these schools witnessed many young children overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit while they were in classes or just on campus. Weeping, singing, and praying became common sightings at the schools. Often the children would pray fervently for their parents’ salvation or re-commitment to the Lord. Though there were many older generations also touched by this revival, it seemed like God was especially working through kids of all ages and the young adults.

During the revival, believers would experience dreams and visions, prophecies and trembling, as they encountered God supernaturally. Conviction of sin almost always took place, and people already in prayer were drawn into deeper times of intercession and worship. Besides these things, folks would experience divine healings and even deliverance from demonic oppression. Frequently, God also sent angels to draw people closer to Him.

Soon, worship services started taking place every day of the week in churches across the region. As in past revivals, the lives of many were transformed by their time with the Holy Spirit. Sin was dealt with and broken relationships restored. Those with addictions found themselves set free of alcohol or gambling. Criminals turned themselves into the police and confessed their crimes. Where there was once only division or mistrust, the local churches began to forgive and ask for forgivenessness and strive for true unity and love among the church family.

Eventually, as October rolled around, critics and naysayers started to chip away at what God was doing in this awakening, but not before God would plant fresh faith in a new generation of fiery believers. He would also rejuvenate His Church with signs and wonders and transformed hearts within the many communities near Shillong. This old well of revival near the Khasi Hills was re-opened for a short time to release a fresh surge of God’s revival blessings upon His people.


  1. What do you think provokes people to begin to pray with extraordinary fervor? How could your church begin praying for revival with unusual fervor?
  2. Is there anything in this revival that strikes you as particularly strange or uncomfortable? How messy are you willing to get if it means you will genuinely encounter a fresh outpouring of God’s Spirit?
  3. Why do you think some people end up on the wrong side of history and opposing what the Holy Spirit is trying to do in a region? How could you guard against being used by Satan to put out future revival fires?
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